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We are currently in the construction process of a health clinic in Katic Wallah (a Region in Sierra Leone, West Africa). Death rate in this area is very high, due to lack of medical facilities. The nearest hospital is in the neighbouring town, and transportation is on bicycles, few motorcycles or by walking.

These native Doctors uses herbs from the forest in an attempt to cure diseases, convincing the community that they could treat all illnesses. When these native doctors fail and patient dies, they then blame it on witchcraft. Mental health patients are called witches and treated as outcast.

The plan for this health clinic is to enhance healthcare services and patient outcome in this targeted population and bring a sense of wellness to this community that otherwise lack proper access to care. The Aim is to ensure equitable access to health resources and to become the primary care provider in the community where health equity is limited by socioeconomic factors.

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Our plans for Cornetto Foundation

We want to increase awareness about the major challenges that people in the rural or deprived areas faced.

Our mission

It is our ultimate objective and principle to help the poorest communities in Sierra Leone. We also committed to render every possible assistance to ensure that we improved lives and sustainable future.

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Your support

We will use the financial contributions entrusted to us with care and to ensure that those funds are utilized to successfully achieve the implementation of our projects. We would be happy to work with private donors, corporate donors and project donors. We are transparent and our work can be openly communicated in our website, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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Ongoing project

We are currently in the construction of a health centre in Katic Wallah. Death rate in this area is high due to absolute lack of medical facilities; minor illness could be resulted to a major problem. Community relied on native medication. They treated by native Doctors (traditional hailers) sometimes are call arbalest.

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Check out our amazing team from the CEO to board of trustees, our team work greatly to ensure the success of the organisation.

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